The SupaChocs Story

As a Dietitian with an interest in exquisite food (not to mention a degree in Organic Chemistry) I have been passionate about creating tasty treats that enhance our health.  I designed SupaChocs for Chocolate lovers and firstly for myself (always been a chocolate lover!), friends and family.  I created them with 7 selected nuts and seeds and 4 fruits then blended and infused them with premium cocoa and other natural ingredients in a special way. With a 4 ½ health star rating and loaded with flavour, protein, fibre and abundant nutrition they make you feel good, fill you up and give you lasting energy.

I want to now make SupaChocs available to others including my clients with Diabetes, high cholesterol or who are watching their weight. Taste and health meet with SupaChocs so now you can… Have ‘your chocolate’ and eat it too, every day.  


Caron Milham (Dietitian and Nutritionist for over 30 years, Author of the best-selling Australian Healthy Shopping Guide and the Australian Healthy Cooking Guide.

About SupaChocs

If you want to eat healthier but you also love Chocolate then SupaChocs are for you! Designed by an Accredited practicing Dietitian and Nutritionist, you can be confident that they are good for you. They give you a ‘chocolate experience’ without being technically ‘chocolate’. You get all the flavour and more, without the sugar and saturated fat that chocolate contains and as well, you get all the nutrition (see full details below) 

‘SupaChocs are a 4 ½ health star ‘cross’ between chocolate and a fruit, nut and seed bar…they have the look and taste of gourmet chocolate but the nutritional benefits of nuts, seeds and fruit…’

Why SupaChocs are special?

SupaChocs contain around 90% nuts, seeds and dried fruit and are an exquisite tasting, super healthy product!

They are ideal if you are looking for a higher protein, nutritious chocolate alternative that isn’t a dry or crunchy nut or muesli bar, but SupaChocs are also suitable for people with Diabetes, high cholesterol or if you are watching your weight. Not only that, they also happen to be gluten, peanut and dairy free and vegetarian so they ‘tick a lot of boxes’ and can suit people with many different dietary requirements.

  • Have 4 ½ Health Stars and only 3% saturated fat which is around 90% less saturated fat than chocolate!
  • Fibre and protein are both above 10%, in fact protein is 12%!  
  • Over 97% of the natural ‘sugars’ in the product are from the fruit, nut, seed and cocoa components , not from added sugar or syrups like rice or maple syrup or coconut sugar.
  • Contain as well, 3 different nuts and 4 different seeds including the commonly called ‘Superfoods’ - chia and flax seeds, almonds, walnuts and goji berries, so they pack a nutritional punch.
  • They contain over 32% of the adequate intake of Omega 3’s and are a good source of Vitamin E, in fact over 57% of your daily E ANTIOXIDANTS. …They are also a source of Fibre, magnesium and healthy fats and have a low proportion of saturated and trans fats of the total fat content!
  • There are NO ARTIFICIAL Colours, flavours or preservatives.



SupaChocs are available with a choice of 2 delicious flavours, Roast Hazelnut or Peppermint with Pistachio and come beautifully presented in a gift box which is wrapped in a clear self-sealed bag.  (More flavours will be available in the near future).  When looking for a chocolatey gift option, you can also give these gifts to your loved ones (or yourself!)  without feeling guilty.

Two size boxes are available- 120 g (8 pack) and 240g (16 pack). 120 g packs are available at selected Supermarkets. Both 120g and 240g packs will be available soon from other outlets and via online order for home delivery, so please stay tuned!


SupaChocs are best stored in the refrigerator and consumed when chilled.  Apart from extending their shelf life by storing in the fridge, enjoying them chilled maximises their enjoyment. This is because being so low in saturated fat, they are not solid at room temperature however if you enjoy them when they are cold you will get a certain ‘mouth melt’ experience because as the SupaChoc goes from ‘fridge to mouth’ it then ‘melts’.  This is because poly and mono unsaturated fats are not solid at room temperature but are when refrigerated. Chocolate on the other hand is solid at room temperature as it is contains around 10 times more saturated fat.   Chocolate ‘melts’ at body temperature, when placed in your mouth as the melting point of chocolate is around body temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions +

Nutrition Details +

Distributors/ Retailers

If you would like to retail SupaChocs from your store/café/outlet, please contact Caron Milham to discuss further…. email

Current Availability

You will find SupaChocs in the refrigerated section of selected Foodland Supermarkets ( see below) with either other Desserts, freshly made ‘ready meals’ or vegetarian  foods… Please check back here often as more distribution outlets are regularly added…

You can also meet the Dietitian who created SupaChocs at our product demonstrations at many of the stores listed below and enjoy a FREE tasting. Follow us on Facebook for information on when and where our demonstrations will

Romeos Foodland Stores – Please look in the fridge in the Dessert, Fresh Ready Meals or Vegetarian section.

  • North Adelaide - 71-79 O'Connell St, North Adelaide
  • Glenelg South - 101- 103 Partridge Street, Glenelg
  • Daw Park - 530 Goodwood Road, Daw Park
  • McLaren Vale - 130 Main Road, McLaren Vale
  • Fairview Park - 325 Hancock Road, Fairview Park
  • Mitcham - 119 Belair Rd, Torrens Park 
  • Erindale - 363 Kensington Rd, Kensington Gardens 

Chapleys Foodland Stores - Please look in the Dessert fridge

  • Norwood - 161- 169 The Parade, Norwood
  • Henley Beach - 348- 354 Seaview Road, Henley Beach


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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see answers to common questions below. These answers are by Caron Milham. Dietitian. If you have any other queries please contact us with your questions.

I am Diabetic, can I eat these?

In most cases, Yes. SupaChocs contain 46% nuts and seeds and 36% fruit. They are over 10% fibre and protein and they achieve a rating of 4 ½ health stars.2 pieces or 1 serve contains 135 calories, 10 grams of carbohydrate, 3.6 grams of protein and 3 grams of fibre. If you are consulting with a dietitian then please advise her/ him about this composition so that they can be integrated into your program.

My blood cholesterol is high. Am I able to eat these?

Yes. There is a low proportion of saturated and trans fats of the total fat content. Saturated fat is only 3%. They are a source of healthy fats – monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

I am trying to lose weight. Can I eat these?

Yes. SupaChocs have a rich, full bodied flavour. They give you an intense chocolate experience but with the protein and fibre of all the healthy ingredients. Many people say that they satisfy without needing to overeat them – one or two are often enough. They contain a nice combination of protein, carbohydrates, fibre and healthy fats that keep your satiety and energy levels high. Many of my clients include these on their weight loss programs and have 2 a day as a snack.

I have food allergies. Are they suitable for me?

SupaChocs contain almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, cashew nuts, and pistachio nuts and sesame seeds. They may also contain traces of peanuts and other tree nuts, milk, eggs and soy. If you have allergies to any of these foods it is best however if you do not consume them.

Do they have to be kept in the fridge?

SupaChocs maintain maximum shelf life and flavour in the fridge in their sealed packaging or in an airtight container. They can be stored in the fridge for 4 weeks. If you have purchased them from the Supermarket they will have a ‘best before’ date on them and this assumes you will be storing them in the fridge. If they spend a few days outside of the fridge during this time though that is fine.  For maximum enjoyment however, eat your SupaChocs when they are cold as then you get more of a ‘melt in the mouth sensation’, when you go from fridge to mouth.

Online Orders ?

Stay tuned and check in often. Ordering online for home delivery will be available soon…