Chooz to Looz

After seeing more than 20,000 clients over 30 years, I (Caron Milham) realised that a lot of people, by the time they had consulted with me, they had spend several years of their life in the process of the ‘yo-yo’ syndrome, having tried meal replacement powders, mass weight loss centres, weekly weigh-in meetings, appetite suppressants and self imposed starvation diets. They were often very unhappy, had a low self-esteem and often ended up bigger than when they first started dieting.

I developed the chooz to looz program for people who have ‘been there and done that’, felt that they are the ones that have failed, when in fact it is probably their diets that had failed them.

How can we help you?

Firstly, our mission is permanent weight control. To help people stop, once and for all, the all too common “yo-yo” like syndrome (ie: repeated weight loss and weight gain) year in, year out.

Our programs not only focus on the mechanics of weight loss, such as diet and exercise, but we work with our clients on the psychological reasons behind positive and negative eating habits and health management.

Our philosophy is not about helping you lose weight quickly, just to have you put it back on when you finish the program. Our programs will teach you how to develop a healthy lifestyle and provide you with the support you need to manage and maintain your ideal weight, permanently.

Secondly, chooz to looz is effective and safe, as the program has been developed by a qualified, experienced Dietitian and offers up to date, professional knowledge.

Thirdly, chooz to looz can be tailored, to suit the individual, to ensure results and personalised care and that the program is easy to follow and convenient. We achieve this by the fact that everybody can personalise their menu plans to suit their needs, hunger levels, lifestyle, tastebuds, eating habits and usual meal routine.

The Chooz to Looz program is available as individual consultations at our clinics or ONLINE, with our correspondance (at home) options. 

How it works?

Individual Option

If you prefer (and can attend) individual consultations with the Dietitian, then you can participate in the chooz to looz® program by attending appointments at our clinics.

For further details on this option, please click here .

If you have extras cover, with most private health funds, you will probably be able to attract a rebate for these consultations.

Correspondence (at home) ONLINE Options 

These Chooz to Looz program options are convenient for many people who live busy lives and/or want to save money or time travelling to a clinic. This program is available to anyone, even those living on the other side of the world!



Firstly, you will have your comprehensive dietary and lifestyle assessment. Before your fully qualified Dietitian can devise your personalised program, and chooz to looz Menu plans and your first goal weight, the Dietitian has to assess fully your weight history, current dietary intake and lifestyle, attitudes, individual behaviours, family eating habits, hunger level variations, food preferences, and the environmental and your emotional influences on your food intake, together with identification of problem areas.

Following your comprehensive assessment, the Dietitian will develop a nutritional weight loss plan and a personalised written menu plan and daily food guide, and this will be provided to you to suit your specific needs, hunger levels, lifestyle, tastebuds, eating habits and usual meal routine, as much as possible.

In addition to your tailored weight loss plan (created just for you!) and daily food guide and menu plan you will receive your Chooz to looz pack which includes:

  • The Chooz to looz book titled ‘Getting Started'
  • Chooz to looz tools - including a weight loss chart to record your progress; food, exercise and mood record charts so you can track your progress and let your Dietitian know how you are going and a motivational fridge or pantry poster to help control emotional eating.

For your convenience all of the above will be done by email correspondence, in your own time, without leaving you home.

You will then have a phone, zoom or skype consultation with the Dietitian to have your questions answered, discuss your progress and any problems you may have had. Your Dietitian will have your food intake (and/or other record charts) that you have emailed to her, prior to your appointment, to review, before and during your consultation.

Following this consultation you will then have the option to book further appointments and access more Chooz to Looz products including books.


The very popular and succesful Chooz to Looz group, weight loss program has now been reinvented, updated, expanded and improved! For many years we have had hundreds of people participate in this program and successfully achieve and maintain their weight goals. 

Now, with the demand for more online (at-home) services, with the environmental concerns the world has recently been experiencing and with technology advancements over the last few years, NEW OPTIONS have now become available for us! (and you)

So we would now like to introduce to you the NEW Chooz to Looz group program! This option will be available soon as a course that you can participate in, in your own time & at your own pace and as well, as a program which includes the course and in addition, extra group and individual support options. If you would like more information and or would like us to put your name on a 'waiting list', please complete our enquiry form and we will be in touch soon.

At home Correspondonce FAQ 

Enrol Now

Individual Clinic Consultations

Appointments for consultations at the Blackwood Clinic can be made by telephoning (08) 82784476 
Appointments for consultations at the North Adelaide Clinic can be made by telephoning (08) 8361 8182 

Please note that after hours appointments are also available on Saturday mornings.

Chooz to Looz (at home) online options

(I) Individual Program

For the chooz to looz online option- individual program, simly complete the enquiry form on our 'contact us' page and request that you would like to enrol in our Individual online program and we will then get back to you so we can complete your enrolment. 


After receiving your enrolment application, we will send you more details so that we can finalise your enrolment. Following this we will arrange your comprehensive dietary and lifestyle assessment. The dietitian will then develop your own personalised chooz to looz nutritional plan.

We will then email your chooz to looz Starter pack including your Chooz to looz book ‘ Getting Started' and your dietitian devised program which includes your personalised menu plan and daily food guide and extra service information including your phone, skype or zoom dietitian appointment details.

(II) (NEW) Group program & course

These options will be available soon. If you would like to go on our waiting list and/or would like more info, please complete our enquiry form. We will be in touch soon and send you more details on these options including enrolment details.

Contact Caron Milham & Associates

Caron Milham & Associates PO Box 674, Blackwood SA 5051

Individual Consultations; General Enquiries and Appointments:

- Blackwood Nutrition Clinic - Blackwood PHYSIOTHERAPY Clinic
194 Main Road, Blackwood. 5051
Ph: (08) 82784476 Fax: (08) 82781458

- North Adelaide Nutrition Clinic - ‘Prevent' Physiotherapy and Wellness Clinic
2nd Floor, Suite 21, 183 Tynte St, North Adelaide. 5006.
Ph: (08) 8361 8182 (Fax): (08) 8361 8185

Please contact us by completing  the form below and pressing 'submit', if you have a specific enquiry for the dietitian,  would like to enrol in any of our programs, have difficulty ordering our products or have any other enquiry.

We will respond to your enquiry within 24 hours

Frequently Asked Questions 

Chooz to Looz- at home- individual program

Can I still do the Chooz to looz individual program if I have other medical conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure?

In most cases, yes you can, but it is best if you first check with our dietitian. Please complete our enquiry form on our Contact us page and give us more details. 

Why phone, skype or zoom consultations?

Phone, skype or zoom consultations are a convenient option for many people who lead busy lives and/or want to save time and money travelling to a clinic and/or who live outside of SA. Some of our clients even live on the other side of the world!

Regular phone, skype or zoom consultations with your dietitian allows your dietitian to:

  • Monitor your weight loss progress and your diet
  • Identify and assist you with specific problem areas that make it difficult for you to follow your program
  • Assist you with minimising your feeling of hunger or deprivation and
  • Maximise your motivation
  • Discuss and modify your goals as required
  • Adjust your dietary or weight loss program if required to achieve your goals
  • Answer any questions that you may have of any aspect of your program or your literature or books that you have been given
  • Counsel you on many and varied areas that may be inhibiting you from achieving your weight loss goals. This is possible as your Dietitian will have with her, when you Phone/ Skype for your appointment; your personal file, a copy of your dietary program and menu plans, and recent copies of your food records if you are keeping them. Food records can be emailed to us prior to your Phone/Skype appointment.
  • Continue with teaching you how to manage with specific issues, situations or areas depending on your needs at the time, so that you can continue with your weight loss, achieve your goal weight and maintain it for a lifetime! Things that may be covered include: Cooking tips, Recipes, Menu ideas, How to ‘Eat Out' while losing weight, Healthy Takeaways, Shopping tips, The healthiest supermarket products, How to stay motivated at all stages of the weight loss journey, Exercise to suit you & the easiest ways to maximise fat loss in the least time, Eating habits - easy, effective changes, Managing non-hunger related eating, emotional eating and people who may sabotage your eating plans and how to maintain your goal weight once you achieve it... and much more...

How do the phone, zoom & skype consultations work?

You can make your appointment, at any time during the week (including after hours) and you can choose the intervals between your appointments. We recommend fortnightly appointments to begin with, spreading out to monthly, as you progress and as you are feeling more confident, are progressing well and following your program.

How much does it cost?

Chooz to Looz is different to all other weight loss programs around as it is long term, Dietitian designed and personalised, and it represents excellent value for money.

The cost to get started includes:

  • Your full diet and lifestyle assessment by the dietitian in order to plan your personal program
  • Individualised, nutritionally balanced weight loss program including your Chooz to looz Menu plan and Daily food Guide devised to suit your eating pattern, lifestyle, food preferences, hunger level variations over the day and many other factors. You will also have an ‘Extras or Indulgence' allowance each week. This can include some of your favourite foods like alcohol or chocolate.
  • Chooz to looz book ‘Getting Started'
  • Chooz to looz tools - including Motivational poster, charts, records
  • Phone, skype or zoom consultation with the Dietitian who devised your program

AND IS ONLY $197.00 * There is no need to buy special food, supplements or meal replacement powders*

After this, for further support with more consults and books, you can either ‘pay as you go', or purchase a package of appointments. How many consultations you require is dependent on how much support and information you want and need. 

How do I enrol?

For the Chooz to Looz (at home) Individual Program simply complete the enquiry form on our Contact Us page and request that you would like to enrol in our 'At Home Individual Program' and we will get back to you so that we can complete your enrolment.


Chooz to looz e-book - "Getting Started"


Chooz to Looz Testimonials

Jim before and after his weight loss of 26kg

I have lost 26kg in 10 months on the Chooz to Looz program. One of the most valuable tools for me has been the ‘Australian Healthy Shopping Guide', as I have been able to keep control of what I was eating and have the ability to choose healthy foods.

Jim Green, Hackham SA


Chantel before and after her weight loss of 15kg

I have lost 15kg in 14 weeks on the Chooz to Looz program. The Australian Healthy Shopping Guide gave me a lot of information to help me to do my shopping and with choosing my foods. It gave me variety so I felt like I was never on a diet. I could plan my menus for the complete week. If choosing the correct food from the Australian Healthy Shopping Guide you will never go hungry.

Chantel Bache, Morphett Vale SA


David Coombe before and after his weight loss of 10kg

I have just achieved my goal weight and lost 10kg on the Chooz to Looz program. The book The Australian Healthy Shopping Guide has helped me to make better food choices. I love my food and with this book I can still do this knowing I have made the right choices. With this book I can repeatedly use it as a reference when needed. It is an essential part of my weight loss and ongoing weight maintenance and I wouldn’t be without it now.

David Coombe, Morphett Vale SA


Kathryn Simounds before and after her weight loss of 39kg

I have lost 45kg in 12 months on the Chooz to Looz program. I have found all of Caron Milham's literature helpful, especially the Australian Healthy Shopping Guide book. This book confirmed I was buying the right products and helped me buy different items that I was never sure about. My energy level is much higher, to a level I cannot remember it being before. I am now able to buy clothes 'off the rack', which I haven’t been able to do in 30 years. My blood pressure, blood cholesterol and blood glucose levels have dropped and no longer am I called ‘Borderline Diabetic’.

Kathryn Simounds, O’Halloran Hill SA


Jenni Colbert before and after her weight loss of 24kg

I have lost 24kg on the Chooz to Looz program. I found the ‘Australian Healthy Shopping Guide’ book invaluable in giving myself variety in my food types and keeping true to exchanges. The Guide informed me of many labeling ‘traps’ and put me on the right track to making the right choices. I am a lot more relaxed now in food shopping, as the stress I used to feel is replaced by a confident attitude.

Jenni Colbert, South Plympton SA


Michael Kristic before and after his weight loss of 20.5kg

I have lost 20.5kg on the Chooz to Looz program and haven't felt this good in 15 years. The 'Australian Healthy Shopping Guide' has helped me very much with my weight loss and with 'shopping smarter'. I had no idea that what I was eating was that bad.

Michael Kristic, Greenwith SA