Individual Consultations

Overview and Introduction

Private consultations can help you achieve your dietary and health goals. If you have one or more of the following conditions or needs (listed in this document), then we can assist you with your dietary, nutritional and lifestyle management.

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How do Individual Consultations work?

Before prescribing your personalised Nutritional Program and educational requirements, medical and nutritional needs, eating habits, food preferences and lifestyle are assessed. Your social, occupational and psychological needs are also taken into account before the Dietitian devises a program to help you achieve your goals.

Personalised meal plans will be designed to suit your needs, discussed with you and supplied to you together with other appropriate literature, generally over the first few appointments.

In most cases, follow up appointments are necessary. During future confidential, personal counselling sessions, many different topics relevant to you and your needs may be discussed.
On a continuing basis, your Dietitian will aim to ensure that your hunger levels are minimal, your nutrient requirements are met and that you do not feel deprived, as you progress to your specific goal/s.

In devising (and continually revising) your menu plans, the Dietitian will aim as much as possible to retain your normal, everyday eating pattern, including only foods you enjoy, to ensure that your new eating habits are maintained with as little effort as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Individual Consultations - What will I learn?

The following outlines some of the areas or topics that may be discussed during your follow up program. If you think you have a problem in any of these areas, or would like to discuss any of these topics at a particular appointment, please let the Dietitian know as well.

  • How to balance your diet for optimum health, nutrition and weight management.
  • How to plan and vary your food preparation techniques and daily menus for added variety, taste and nutrition to suit your lifestyle, hunger levels, tastebuds and social agenda. 
  • Easy ways to modify your existing recipes and new, tasty, healthy recipes to experiment with.
  • How you can incorporate commercial convenience foods into your program and how you can understand and interpret food labels. 
  • How to choose appropriate food and menu choices at different restaurants and take away food outlets. 
  • Understanding your eating habits and learning how to manage your environmental (or external and emotional (or internal) triggers that can lead you to eat even if you are not truly hungry. 
  • How to manage people who try to sabotage your eating plans.
  • Individually designed exercise programs. 
  • If you are trying to lose weight, how to motivate yourself for weight loss. 
  • If you are trying to lose weight, how to lose weight permanently, safely, without hunger or deprivation or forbidden foods, without eating differently to the family or having to purchase special foods.
  • If you are trying to lose weight, how you can include even your favourite indulgence foods, like chocolate or alcohol, and still succeed with losing weight.


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How can I make my appointment?


Clinic appointments are available at our Evolve Dietetics and Wellness Clinic at  Flagstaff Hill. Our clinic is located at the Nova Chiropractic Centre.

You will find easy access, ample parking and a lovely, friendly atmosphere.

Caron Milham, Dietitian consults on Tuesday's all day, and Thursday and Saturday Mornings. 

Address: 90 Black Road, Flagstaff Hill. SA. 5159        Phone (for appointments): 08 8270 2000

Alternatively you can book online with us at the Nova Chiropractic Centre, here.


This is a convenient option for people who wish to have a consultation from the comfort and safety of their home. This is also beneficial for people with disabilities, who are home-bound, who are very busy and for those who live too far away to attend the clinic.

For more information about this service or to book an appointment please contact us

Please note that after hours appointments are available for Clinic, Phone and Video consultations. 

Contact Caron Milham & Associates

90 Black Road, Flagstaff Hill. SA. 5159

To make an enquiry please call or message: 0435 152 716      or     Email:

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We will respond to your enquiry within 24 hours

What happens at my appointments?

Following your first appointment with the Dietitian, in most cases, review (or follow up) appointments are scheduled. At these consultations your progress is reviewed. Often the Dietitian will ask you to keep a record of your food intake between appointments. If you have had any difficulties, then these can be discussed at your consultation as well. Often more literature is provided or sent to you (at no cost) to read, at each consultation. The Dietitian will also, discuss different things with you at each consultation, so that you continue to learn and gain new knowledge.

How often should I schedule my appointments?

Review consultations are often fortnightly to begin with, some clients, however, prefer (or benefit from) weekly appointments initially, to gain confidence and to have more support and guidance in the early stages. If you would prefer weekly appointments, please ask your Dietitian or our secretary. As you successfully progress toward your goal (or goals) and are able to follow your eating plan easily, appointments are generally spread out to monthly, until you achieve your goal (or goals).

If for example, you are on a weight reduction program, then your program would need to be reviewed by the Dietitian when you achieve your goal weight. Often changes will be made to your menu plan to enable you to maintain your weight (so you do not keep on losing or regain your weight) and the Dietitian will need to provide you with information so that you can permanently maintain your weight, on your own.

From that point, monthly appointments can then either be continued for a few months to review maintenance of goals, and then progress to a 3 monthly interval between appointments. If desired, appointments can be maintained every 3 months, or appointments stopped, as long as goals (eg your weight, blood sugar or cholesterol levels) are maintained.

You have the ability to make your follow up appointments when you wish, at a time that suits you, whether it be weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. If you would prefer weekly (or even monthly) appointments, and the Dietitian suggested fortnightly, then this is fine, just make sure to inform our secretary of your wishes.

You also have the ability to book many appointments at once, ahead of time, to ensure that you get the time that is most convenient for you. For example, you may decide to book 4.00pm appointments, every 2 weeks for a period of 2 months.

How long are dietary consultations ?

Initial (& Reassessment) Consult: 45- 50 mins

** If it has been more than 1 year since your last appointment, this is classified as an 'Initial Appointment' as more time is needed for reassessment & replanning. You will also receive the same health fund rebate as an initial appointment (if you have private cover).

'Review & Extended Review' Consults: 

**If you would like more time to discuss 'complex' or many issues or conditions, or need a Menu Plan developed, please book an 'extended' (or long) appointment instead of a 'standard' appointment. 

Standard- 15- 20 mins ** Less than 12 months since last visit.

Extended (long) - 30- 45 mins ** Less than 12 months since last visit.

Can you tell me about the consultation fees?


- Payment is required following the Dietitian Consultations.

- Private Health Fund Rebates apply with appropriate Private 'Extras' cover for Dietitians.

** We have HICAPS facilities, so in most cases, with clinic appointments, you will be able to claim an INSTANT rebate, meaning you only need to pay the 'gap'. 

- For telephone consultations, full payment is required. We will then email you a receipt. With appropriate private cover you can then submit this to your private health fund for your rebate.

- Initial (& Reassessment) Consult - $149.00 (before rebate)

- Review Consult (standard) - $59.00 (before rebate)

- Review Consult (long) - $87.00 (before rebate)



- ‘Initial’ appointments have a $49 ‘gap’ payment.

- 'Standard' Review appointments are bulk-billed meaning they are 'FREE' to you.

- 'Long' or 'Extended' Review appointments have a $29.00 'gap' payment.

- To claim Medicare-funded appointments, your Doctor will need to refer you under a 'Health Care Plan' with Medicare-funded Dietitian appointments allocated and provide us with relevant paperwork before your first appointment.

 - To see if you ‘qualify’, please talk with your Doctor, as he or she will need to refer you to us and provide us with relevant paperwork prior to your first appointment.

Medicare can cover up to 5 Dietitian consultations every year.


For Veterans Affairs, NDIS or WorkCover Enquiries/ claims, please contact us to discuss, prior to making your first appointment.

Can I receive a private health fund rebate, and if so, how much will I receive?

Many private health insurance funds offer rebates for Dietitian services. If you have extras cover, you may attract a rebate of up to 80% of the consultation fee, for an individual consultation (depending on your actual fund, your 'table' or 'level' of cover).

If you would like more details on your level of coverage, appointment rebate(s) and annual limits please contact your health fund.

Annual Limits
Most health funds which have Dietitian rebates, will allow you an annual limit of between $200 - $800 for rebates for Dietitian services. This approximates to being covered for between 10 - 25 consultations over a year.

Joining a new Health Fund
If you currently have no private extras cover and wish to join a health fund, please note that a 'waiting period' may apply (often around 2 months) before you can collect your rebates, after you join. Therefore, please confirm the waiting period with your health fund.

Changing Health Funds
If you have private extras cover and you wish to change funds a waiting period may not apply if you are staying with a similar 'level' or 'table' of cover.