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Caron Milham, Dietitian and Nutritionist, first established this practice 30 years ago. All Dietitians at the practice have university level qualifications and are members of theDietitians Association of Australia (DAA) and maintain Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) status by taking part in the annual DAA professional development program. In the area of nutrition and dietetics, research is continually providing new information and recommendations which were commonplace are being updated. Through continuing professional development an APD keeps up to date with the latest advances in nutrition and health to provide patients or clients with the best possible information. The APD program is run by the Dietitian’s Association of Australia.

Our practice is well known to the hundreds of medical practitioners who refer their clients, the tens of thousands of our happy, satisfied clients and hundreds of thousands of the Australian population who watch ‘Today Tonight’ or ‘A Current Affair’. Because Caron makes frequent TV appearances she is often called upon as a consultant for her professional dietary advice.

Caron has given nutrition education and presentations to many groups, including theSouthern Division of General Practitioners, on Diabetes, Weight Loss, Corporate Health and Sports Nutrition. Caron has also been the sports nutrition adviser for the Adelaide RAMS, SANFL and several other state level sporting teams, and in addition, has lectured at Flinders University to student Dietitians.

Our Nutrition Clinics are located at Blackwood and North Adelaide.

Our Brands

Caron Milham & Associates brands include The Australian Healthy Shopping Guide, The Australian Healthy Cooking Guide and Chooz to Looz.


Caron Milham is seen as a dietary authority in Australia. she has written many papers and been a regular contributor for nutrition columns within the print media. 

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Caron Milham has provided comment, editorial advice and appeared on Television in more than 40 health, nutrition and weight loss stories.

Caron Milham

Juggling the demands of a successful career, a thriving company, the lives of three busy children and a bulging shopping trolley is all in a days work for enterprising businesswoman, Caron Milham.

Author of the best-selling Australian Healthy Shopping Guide (AHSG) and the Australian Healthy Cooking Guide (AHCG), Caron is an accredited practicing dietitian (APD) with more than 30 years' experience in the areas of nutrition and weight loss.  Her extensive knowledge of fitness and weight management stem not only from this experience, but also from an earlier career as a fitness instructor and competitor in the National Aerobics Championships.

Caron now runs her own health and weight management company and has created the successful chooz to looz program in response to her clients needs.

She has been a guest lecturer at Flinders University, South Australia, has worked as a consultant for government authorities, including the Department of Health and continues to advise businesses, sporting teams and individuals in her area of expertise.

A passionate advocate of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, Caron believes her mission is to offer practical solutions for permanent weight loss and to inspire others to strive for good health and enjoyment throughout their lives.


Caron Milham & Associates are seen as a dietary authority in Australia. Caron Milham, the Principal, has written many papers and been a regular contributor for nutrition columns within the print media. Similarly, she has contributed to many nutrition articles in a plethora of magazines.

Her impecable credentials and widely sought and accepted opinion on weight-loss, health and nutrition has allowed her to author a number of highly influential and successful publications on dietary management of many conditions, in particular, weight loss.

Our Brands


Chooz to Looz® Weight Loss (and management) programs are highly successful in assisting our clients permanently, easily and healthily lose their excess weight.

chooz to looz is unique as it is professional (only qualified Dietitians are your Counsellors), personalised to suit your needs, tastebuds, lifestyle and eating habits and aims for your permanent achievement of your goal weight, by educating you to be ‘self sufficient’ in maintaining your goal. We understand flexibility is important to cater to our client’s personalities and needs, so our programs are available asindividual or correspondence (at home) options. 



The Australian Healthy Shopping Guide is available for consumers to "take the guess work (and the hard work) out of shopping".

The awareness of Weight-Loss and Living a healthier life style is now embedded in the Australian attitude.  So to meet this demand we have now produced this definitive guide to assist with:

  • making quick, informed and healthier food choices from the many options available at the supermarket. So if you want to choose products lower in fat (particularly saturated fat), lower in added sugar, higher in fibre and lower in salt, then this guide is for you.
  • understanding nutrient or health claims on Food Labels, (so you know what the words really mean); and
  • reading and understanding the nutrition table and ingredients lists on food labels


The Australian Healthy Cooking Guide is available for consumers to “take the guess work (and the hard work) out of cooking”.

Do you often wish that you and your family could have a long and healthy life? Do you dream of staying slim by eating wholesome, delicious and easy-to-prepare meals? Do you yearn for more hours in the day and wish you had more energy to maintain a good balance in your life?  THE AUSTRALIAN HEALTHY COOKING GUIDE shows you how, by taking the hard work and guesswork out of shopping, cooking and preparing great food.

There are many delicious and practical food short cuts that don’t involve sacrificing health and taste. The AHCG shows you where to start, what to cook and how to plan for a healthy outcome.


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