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Caron Milham has appeared numerous times on Channel 7`s 'Today Tonight' and on Channel 9`s 'A Current Affair' and also in several news reports.

Stories she has been invited to consult on or be involved in, include (in reverse chronological order)

  • April 2019- Today Tonight Show. Channel 7. Carons latest product creation 'SupaChocs' officially launched with an Easter Story on Chocolate. SupaChocs were featured as the new, healthier, 4.5 Health Star, chocolatey treat packed with goodness, that you can enjoy daily as an alternative to chocolate.
  • July 2016- Today Tonight Show. Channel 7. 'Supermarket Soups'. Caron's research shows us which are the Healthier Soups- rated Gold, Silver & Bronze
  • May 2016 - Today Tonight Show. Channel 7. 'Supermarket ready meals comparing price, taste and nutritional content.' Caron gives advice on a selection of ready meals and compares their nutritional content.
  • May 2016 - Today Tonight. Channel 7. 'The latest on Breakfast Cereals.' Caron appears as part of this story to offer advice on choosing healthier breakfast cereals.
  • Feburary 2016 - Today Tonight. Channel 7. Carons research shows us which are the Healthier 'Ready Meals' and 'Simmer Sauces'.
  • April 2015 - Today Tonight. Channel 7. Easter story -The best and worst of Easter hot cross buns and chocolates. Caron also gives some handy tips for avoiding chocolate overload at Easter. For full story visit: 
  • August 2013 - Today Tonight. Fat Cooking Shows. Caron gives her advice on Cooking shows that feature recipes high in fat, sugar and calories. She says these are not every day recipes otherwise people will be "digging their graves with their teeth". Caron says you can still maintain almost all, if not all of the taste and have less than half the calories. Caron cooks 2 of her recipes from the best-selling Australian Healthy Cooking Guide to show you "don't need to sacrifice your health to have tasty meals." 
  • November 2008 - Channel 10 News.  Over 300 healthier, generic (homebrand) products have been listed in the 2009 edition of the Australian Healthy Shopping Guide, out of a total of the 2,000 healthier options listed.  Research shows that by buying generic, savings can be up to 40% of equivalent brand-labelled products.
  • October 2008 - Channel 10 News.  Caron offered comments and advice on recent research that shows that the combination of eating quickly and eating until full has an additive affect on becoming overweight.
  • May 2008 - Today Tonight. Healthy Cooking Guide. Caron introduces the Australian Healthy Cooking Guide, the follow up to her successful Healthy Shopping Guide. People will benefit by being able to have quick and easy tasty food, that is also healthy. You can purchase a copy of this guide from this website. Click here to view this story.
  • August 2007 - Channel 10 News. Reducing salt in your diet. The average Australian consumes three times more salt than is required in their diet, leaving them prone to cardiovascular disease and stroke. Click here to read more about the risks and management of excessive salt in your diet and managing hypertension (high blood pressure) and reducing salt intake.
  • August 2007 - Today Tonight. Omega-3 can now be found in breads, muffins, crackers, burritos, tortillas, fruit straps, cereals, pastas, milks, yoghurts, drinks and eggs. Caron visits a supermarket along with father of 3 Phil O'Reardon, and discusses the increasing demand for products fortified with Omega-3`s, and how much nutritional benefit they actually provide. Click here for more information and tips.
  • June 2007 - Today Tonight. World-first research from Monash University's Dr Samantha Thomas found that almost all overweight people have been discriminated against because of their size. Dr Thomas led the research which involved detailed interviews with 76 overweight people and examined their health issues. Caron gives her thoughts on this topic.
  • March 2007 - Today Tonight. One of the most well-received stories to date. Caron introduces the Australian Healthy Shopping Guide - The Guide doesn't just give the same old advice about lowering fats, kilojoules, sugar and salt. It tells you which actual products to buy, and which ones to avoid. This story was Number 1 on most-viewed pages on the Today Tonight website for over a week since the story aired on 21st March 2007. You can purchase a copy of this Guide from this website.
  • March 2007 - Today Tonight. Eating enough but still shedding kilos - At just 38kg, Caroline Jenkins is a weight loss story with a difference because she finds it almost impossible to put on weight.
  • June 2006 - Today Tonight. Cereal Survey- 200 Breakfast cereals, were surveyed and categorised into `Gold` (the best choice), `Silver` and `Bronze` groups based on their sugar, fat, kilojoule, fibre and salt content.
  • April 2006 - Today Tonight. Muesli bars - The best ones for your health - lowest in fat, sugar, salt and kilojoules. 
  • January 2006 - Today Tonight. Packing a healthy lunch box for your child and which are the best products to buy. Refer above
  • December 2005 - Today Tonight. The Christmas Eve story where one of the stories Caron was involved in, in April 2005, reached the top of list of stories for 2005. The story was with Scott Gers where Caron has assisted Scott with losing 102kg. Scott was celebrating his weight loss by having a photo shoot. Click here to watch this story.
  • December 2005 - Today Tonight. How to manage Christmas and New Year, and not gain weight. Caron presented with the CSIRO on this story. 
  • December 2005- Today Tonight. One of the top stories for the year, a short preview of Big Scott's 102kg weight loss journey. Click here to view this video.
  • April 2005 -  Today Tonight - Scott Gers huge weight loss story, where Scott has achieved a weight loss of 102kg with Caron on the Chooz to Looz weight loss program. Click here to view this story.
  • Early 2005 - Current Affair - Young girls, body image and weight.  Click here to view this story.

2004 and Prior

  •  Today Tonight - Scott Gers 90kg Weight Loss Success on Chooz to Looz.
  • Today Tonight- Scott Gers 62kg Weight Loss Success in one year on Carons' very own 'Chooz to looz' program. Click here to view this story.
  • Today Tonight- Big Scott (Scott Gers) starting at 270kg, loses 60kg  in 9 months with Caron. Click here to watch this report. 
  • Weight loss Wars - Dieting versus other ways of losing weight.
  • Reducing your salt intake
  • Reducing children’s salt intake
  •  Today Tonight - Making a healthy Christmas lunch for less than $50.00, for a family of 4. Click here to view this story.
  • Today Tonight - Choosing the healthiest muesli bars
  • Today Tonight - Dietitian Supermarket Tours
  • How to know what the ‘claims on food labels’ really mean
  • Today Tonight - Dietary management of Lymphoedema
  • My opinion on various food products (numerous stories) eg dietary chocolate bars
  • Channel 7 News - My opinion on the ‘McDonalds® Makeover menus'. Click here to view this story.


Caron has been asked to be involved in over a hundred radio interviews Australia-wide.


Caron's advice has been sought from local and state papers, with regular columns in papers such as the Illawarra Mercury and the Blackwood Times.



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