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As time goes on, our needs often change. It may have been some time since you have had an appointment with your dietitian. A review of your needs and diet adjustments or further information may be required. There may be new medical conditions or new nutritional needs to consider. Diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol, dietary reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or menopause, are just some of the needs/conditions where a dietary review is recommended.

In addition, a change of lifestyle, living, working or cooking arrangements can all mean extra support, counselling and /or dietary information may be necessary. Or, perhaps extra motivation is needed or you may need help with dealing with ‘Emotional eating.'

Many clients return to me over many years to receive help for dealing with new issues that arise. Never feel embarrassed either, if you feel you have regressed or not progressed. I would rather see you more often if you are having problems and less often when you are not.

If it has been a while since your last appointment, you may want to take advantage of mySPECIAL CLIENT - NO GAP OFFER, which is currently available, which could mean your appointment is FREE.


‘NO GAP *'CONSULT (up to 40 minutes) with Caron (Limited time only)

If you have private health insurance with ‘extras' that covers for Dietitian services, we are accepting your ‘instant' health fund rebate as full payment for your next consultation.

To take advantage of this offer, phone and book your ‘GAP- FREE' appointment with us NOW at Blackwood or North Adelaide .

When you phone us to book , please let our receptionist know that you have received this newsletter and this special offer. Please also let us know when you book, if it has been more than 1 year since your last appointment. If it has been more than a year since your last dietitian appointment, we will need to send you more details including a questionnaire to complete so that we can update your details and we will also need to allocate more time, 40 minutes, for your consultation.

When you come in for your appointment, please bring your Private health insurance card and your menu plan (if you have been given one in the past and still have it. If you don't have it that is fine). At this appointment we can review your strategies, progress and menus and make changes or additions, if required. If you have been having difficulties in any area, or have any other dietary issues that have arisen, we can also address these. If it has been several years since your last appointment, and we need to begin again, starting afresh, that is fine as well.

*Conditions apply. Your ‘instant' HICAPS health fund rebate will be accepted as full payment for this consultation. If this cannot be processed before your consultation because your health fund does not have this payment option for Dietitians or you do not have cover, then a 50 % reduction off the usual fee will apply. (ie. If it has been more than a year since your last Dietitian appointment, a fee of $60.00 instead of a fee of $119.00 will apply and if it has been less than a year since your last appointment, a fee of $26.00 instead of $52 will apply.) If you have cover, you can then submit the receipt to your health fund for your rebate. Offer available for one appointment only.


Now you can eat out and have takeaways, eat healthy and enjoy it! Nothing though really compares to a home cooked meal, which in most cases is healthier but there are times when you might want to grab a quick meal on the run.

Below are general guidelines on how to select the ‘best' takeaway choices that are lower in kilojoules, sugar & fat and over 50 healthy takeaway options! If you have extra weight, diabetes or a high cholesterol level the following general guidelines will also assist you.

Best Takeaway choices - General Guidelines...

  • Plain Hamburgers or Steak Sandwiches with salad (no bacon, fried egg, cheese or double meat additions).
  • Barbecued Chicken (skin removed), greek salad and coleslaw(limit dressing) or vegetables
  • Some Chinese Takeaways like chop suey, chow mien, beef, prawn or chicken in blackbean sauce with vegetables & chicken and cashew nuts. Have a small serve of steamed rather than special fried rice to accompany your meal.
  • Mexican Tacos, tostadas & Yiros & Lebanese doner kebabs.
  • Pasta with a vegetable or tomato-based sauce ( not creamy)
  • Japanese food (not tempura or deep fried fillings) e.g. Choose Californian Rolls, Sushi lunch box (assorted), teriyaki chicken or beef, fresh tuna or salmon or smoked salmon.
  • Pizza (limit to 2 slices). Limit excess meat & fatty meats like salami and bacon. Avoid cheese filled and extra thick crusts.
  • Satays or a hot Chicken Roll.
  • Hot baked potatoes with cheese, cottage cheese & salad. Ask for no butter or sour cream.
  • Plain Hot Dog (add sauce or mustard if desired) (salad optional)
  • Wholemeal or grain Sandwiches, Wraps & Rolls - Fresh / toasted. Limit (or avoid) margarine, and mayonnaise & include salads but limit vegetables marinated in oil. Include lean protein like ham, beef, chicken, tuna, hummus or egg.
  • 6 inch Subway® or wrap or flatbread. Choose the ‘Light' (less than 6 grams of fat) menu options and wholemeal or grain rolls where possible.
  • Grilled/ seared chicken burger on an oat bran bun. (Hungry Jacks) 
  • Drinks: Water, Mineral water, Tomato juice, Diet soft drinks, tea & coffee, Limit alcohol.
For more good takeaway choices and other healthy tips with eating out including the best restaurant and cuisine choices from 10 different types of restaurant including Chinese, Thai, Indian, Italian & Greek and how to manage parties, dinner parties, barbeques, alcohol, the festive season, holidays and people who tempt you, please ask your dietitian at your next appointment for more information and advice.


One of the most popular New Year¹s resolutions is to lose weight. Many people however, have strayed from their path to a slimmer future even before the temperatures start to drop.
Here are 10 top tips to help you help you stay on track. 

1. Make sure that you are losing weight for yourself first and for the right reasons.

2. For long lasting motivation for weight loss (or any goal) you must have or get the 4 P's : PATIENCE, PERSISTENCE, POSITIVE THINKING AND A PASSION FOR YOUR GOAL.

3. Set realistic goals for your goal weight and your rate of weight loss. Diets that result in rapid weight loss or that have a limited range of foods or that leave you hungry or feeling deprived, should also be avoided. Then set weight ‘sub goals' for more frequent successes and reward your achievements. For example, aiming to lose 20 kilos is too large a chunk to consider. Shoot for 5 kilos at a time. 

4. Aim for a balanced, varied food intake, allowing for occasional indulgences and meals out.
The Australian Healthy Cooking Guide includes lots of easy, tasty recipes (including desserts and cakes) and a realistic, flexible weight loss plan including a 2- week menu that you can tailor to suit your needs.

5. Vary your menus, foods and recipes to avoid boredom otherwise you may go looking for excitement elsewhere. A chicken salad wrap may be a healthy lunch, but eaten every day could lead you to detour down the lolly isle at the supermarket. You can maximise variety by planning your menus and shopping list in advance.

6. Focus on the positives. For example, rather than dwelling on the foods or drinks you have to cut back, focus instead on what you can eat more of, the new recipes you want to try and how much better you will feel and what you will be able to do, when you're slimmer.

7. If you can¹t stop once you start, throw out or give away those high kilojoule temptations like chocolates, biscuits, cakes or chips. Having them there is tempting fate. (If it's not in the fridge, you can't eat it.) Remember... "Out of sight, Out of house, Out of mind, Out of mouth".

8. Gain greater insight into your eating habits by keeping a food diary and then plan ways to manage your eating better. You may find that you eat when you are not hungry but when you are triggered environmentally (e.g. when the TV adverts appear) or emotionally (e.g. when feeling bored or depressed).

9. If you are stressed when you get home from work, instead of opening a bottle of wine or chocolate bar, take the dog for a walk to let off some energy or run a hot bath to help you relax. If watching TV bores you then change the channel, pick up a book or go for a walk around the block so eating doesn¹t become a hobby.

10. Buy an outfit a size smaller than your current size as an incentive to lose weight then put it in a place where you will see it daily like on the back of your bedroom door.

Do you want more tips with getting and staying motivated?

Ask Caron for more advice and personal help and your FREE Chooz to looz book ‘Motivation- getting it and keeping it', when you attend your next appointment at the clinic or the equivalent eBook version of this book, following your next Phone/Skype consultation.



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